Most  Laminate warranties cover fading, denting, staining and manufacturers defects, they do not however cover normal day to day wear and tear.

The laminate core is both water resistant and dimensionally stable and the laminated surface is often treated with Aluminum Oxide, adding strength and a high degree of scratch resistance.

Although very durable, it is normal to find minor scratches as result of daily wear and tear. Fortunately, this situation is easily remedied with the aid of a laminate floor repair kit, available at your local flooring store and all online retailers.

These kits may include acrylic or latex putty, wax pencils or crayons and are color coded to match the floor. In the event that your color or style of flooring has been discontinued, you can purchase a generic kit from your local hardware store.


If your restoration needs are more significant, give us a call to schedule an estimate.


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