Installation Only

You buy the flooring directly from whomever you choose and we install it… It’s that simple.

Installing engineered flooring yourself can be very rewarding once viewing the completed floor.

However, installing the flooring planks is the main part of the job which everyone immediately see’s, but it is all the smaller detailed items that turn a good floor into a great floor.

Find a room that has been installed with laminate flooring and cast your eye around the floor.  For a professional looking job, you need to pre-plan all of the details: are the boards spaced naturally?, was expansion and contraction considered in the finish?, does it have a firm yet quiet feel?, are all of the doors and trim properly cut in?, does the pattern suit the room?, do you have additional stock for future repairs?

Installing flooring correctly is of the utmost importance if you wish to have a long lasting floor, and a valid warranty.  It can cost you more than time if your DIY goes badly, trust a pro.


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