Custom Milled Flooring

Since 1987, Weirman & Sons has been custom milling, installing and finishing hardwood floors. Weirman & Sons offers the finest quality custom milled local and exotic wood flooring products available.

Our private milling facility and custom milling process enables us to deliver the finest quality flooring, while affording our clients the flexibility to customize the look and feel of their hardwood selection.


We are commited to continuing the tradition of generational excellence that is evident in everything we do.


Rift Sawn wood is cut at a 30-60 degree angle to the growth rings, producing narrow boards with accentuated vertical or “straight” grain patterns.

Rift Sawn boards exhibit clean, straight, vertical grain patterns. This cut is sometimes referred to as “combed” to describe the appearance of the boards which consists almost solely of straight lines.

Our Rift Sawn flooring is very unique. Every piece is also hand culled to ensure it is 100% Rift.


Rift sawn is easy to explain but hard to cut…  people still argue about the maximum angle of the grain in a quartersawn cut
Quarter Sawn wood is cut at a 90-degree, or right angle, to the growth rings (or to the face or across the thickness) by first quartering the log, then sawing perpendicular to the growth rings.

This cut results in more conspicuous Medullary Rays, also known as “figure” or “flake”, on the face of the board.

Quarter Sawn boards twist and cup less. Quarter Sawn boards wear more evenly. Quarter Sawn flooring will shrink and swell 50% less than that of Plain Sawn Boards. For this reason, Quarter Sawn flooring is recommended over radiant heating.

Our Quarter Sawn flooring is also very unique. Every piece is hand culled to ensure it is 100% true Quarter Sawn where every board has conspicuous flake. .

Weirman & Sons is equipped for preserving relics of our past by reclaiming and restoring antique heart pine, oak, hickory, chestnut, and other antique hardwoods found in barns, factories, mills and breweries from around the world.

We transform the wood we reclaim into flooring of unparalleled beauty. By reusing antique wood, not only do you preserves the past, but it also creates beautiful and unique floors that become a part of a structures legacy.

We can create a timeless look that seems to have been part of a historical restoration or apply modernistic modeling to create an dramatic conversational ambiance

We have access to an  extensive selection of premium domestic and exotic hardwood flooring favorites.  The integrity of  Weirman & Sons flooring, whether custom or standard consistently satisfies the most discerning customers.

If the words ‘exotic hardwood floors‘ conjure up visions of rooms graced with dark, rare woods from far away lands, you’re not too far off the mark. Exotic wood floors, like reclaimed wood flooring, offer a unique style difference from standard hardwood varieties.

Alluring colors, durable hardness are all hallmarks of exotic wood floors. If you’re looking for something more than just plain vanilla oak to dress up your dining room, exotic wood offers some enticing attributes.   Find out what’s available and if they might be a good fit in your home or office.


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